About Us


My name is Lola X Stodart, I have an amazing husband who is so encouraging of everything I do and my little buddy Sen (my cat). My love for cakes and baking started at a very young age when my Mum would make us cakes for pre-school and school to take for our class birthdays. Mum allowed my sister, brother and I lick to the bowl, wooden spoon, and beaters when she finished, it was always a fight over who could get more cake mix. As the years went on Mum would let me help her more and more with baking from cracking the eggs into the mix to using the electric mixer. I always loved helping mum in the kitchen and still do love helping her.

When I got engaged I wanted to try and save as much money as possible so I thought I would make little figurines and our engagement cake. Once I overcame that challenge I thought to myself “Geez that wasn’t that bad I can do this”. I enjoyed doing it and I found it somewhat therapeutic and relaxing (how little I knew then). I have come such a long way from making our engagement cake I am so pleased that all my determination has paid off. I love a challenging cake, I love it, even more, when it turns out exactly how I envisaged it to be.

I am extremely happy that I am 100% self-taught and still learning new techniques and styles all the time. I adore the art of cake decorating although some days I would be saying the complete opposite when I am on the verge of tears when something just doesn’t seem to go right but there is always something new to learn, always something new to challenge me and most of all the joy of making people happy with the finished product.

I am ever so grateful for those days when I was a kid and mum would let me help her in the kitchen because it has now lead me to this amazing career and this love for baking, creating, and decorating cakes.

I hope to have the pleasure of creating an amazing cake for your special occasion.

Flavours Available Are:

  • Banana White Chocolate Mud
  •  Chocolate Mud
  •  Butter
  • White Chocolate Mud
  • Chocolate Mint Slice
  •  Caramel Mud
  •  Rainbow Sponge
  •  Jaffa
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry
  • Carrot and Walnut
  • Red Velvet

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