Nutrition for school-aged children and young athletes

Young sports people need high performance fuel everyday to make sure they get the most out of their sporting activities. Whether they are doing sport for fun, fitness or competition there are some basic things you can do to maximise performance as well as growth and development.

What can I do?

  • Promote healthy food choices to be eaten before participating, in between events and for recovery
  • Talk about why some foods are better than others for performance
  • Encourage eating well every day as part of a healthy lifestyle and not just when they’re doing sport
  • Encourage sporting venues, canteens and committees to support your efforts by offering healthy food and drink choices

Food choices for fuel

Here are some ideas for foods that are low in fat and high carbohydrate. These foods are ideal to eat before sports:

  • Breakfast cereal with reduced fat milk.
  • Porridge with reduced fat milk and fruit juice.
  • Toasted muffins, crumpets or bread with honey, syrup, jam, vegemite or baked beans
  • Pasta with a low-fat sauce. Stay away from creamy varieties and choose tomato based sauces instead.
  • Jacket potato (with low fat cheese or sour cream).
  • Banana sandwich.
  • Fruit salad and yogurt.
  • Fresh fruit smoothie, with low fat milk and yogurt.

 According to advice from the Physio Footscray, drinking water is also important. Encourage your young athletes to always carry a water bottle with them. After doing sports the same principles should be followed (low fat, high carbohydrate and plenty of water), but protein should also be added.

  • Pasta with lean mince, chicken breast or tuna and vegetables, and a tomato-based sauce.
  • Rice or noodles with stir-fried lean meat and vegetables.
  • Burritos with lean mince, beans and fresh salad (limit the amount of cheese and sour cream).
  • Jacket potato with fillings such as beans, tuna and corn, chicken and tomato sprinkled with cheese.
  • Warm chicken or beef salad (avoid high-fat creamy dressing).
  • Home-made pizzas.
  • Grilled lean meat with sweet potato and steamed greens or potato salad.

It Needs No Deserving. So Why Call it Dessert?

Dessert was originally a French term for the last item to be placed on the table after the main course has been cleared away. It is now used in both French and English to denote a sweet treat at the end of a meal. This word is not to be confused with its close relatives discussed below.

The term dessert reminds us of when to eat it. Sweets are best consumed at the end of a substantial repast when your system is already busy processing fats, fiber, acids, and other meal components. While digestion proceeds at a slow and deliberate pace, you have the perfect opportunity to top things off with something sweet.

Because you’re far from famished, the sugar in the dessert will digest and metabolize slowly. The results are that your blood glucose level (“blood sugar’) will remain relatively steady, which is best for your health.

There is much confusion about how to correctly pronounce and spell dessert. No wonder: the term has several look-alikes with entirely different meanings… and three of them sound the same as dessert. You can only tell them apart by context, and it helps if you speak French.

Among the gazillion words that English borrowed from French are the nouns desert (pronounced identically to dessert, and meaning a thing deserved); and desert (pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, and meaning a very dry place). There is also the verb to desert (meaning to abandon someone or something, and pronounced like… dessert.)

This confusion has given rise to many errors and, perhaps worse, puns. The English phrase “just deserts,” denoting a fair reward, is often dragged improperly into culinary discussions. Certainly, most of us find eating dessert to be a positively rewarding experience. And does it really matter whether we “deserve” it?

The “just desserts” twist is particularly interesting: More often than not, “just deserts” refers to punishment for bad deeds. Could a man’s evil deeds be quantified in terms of cakes, pies, and é claims?

Maybe… if the remedy were correctly applied. This line of inquiry leads inevitably to comedy’s inexhaustible pie-in-the-face gag!

It should be a cream pie, as codified during the 1950s by the slapstick comedian and early television star, Soupy Sales. Soupy’s face was decorated with cream pies more than 20,000 times during his career, and people never got tired of it.

So, maybe save some cream pies for the evil-doers. But tonight – Have you said your prayers and eaten all your vegetables? – a little something scrumptious needs no deserving.

The 7 Most Popular Cakes In The World

Cakes are probably one of the most well-recognized and loved dessert by everyone no matter how young or old. There’s probably only a handful of individuals who dislikes or downright hates the idea of eating one. However, not all cakes are made the same.

As of now, there are probably hundreds and thousands of cake recipes in existence and who knows how many people are creating their versions as we speak. If you are one of those individuals who hate or dislike cakes, then you most likely just hate that particular type of cake.

Hence, we made this article to showcase some of the most popular cake recipes in the world. If you are a cake enthusiast, you would surely love learning about them if you still haven’t. If you are a hater, these cakes might overturn your entire belief in just one bite. Who knows?


(New Zealand and Australia)

Named after the world-famous prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, this cake looks just as delicate as the person it was named after. Traditionally, the base of a pavlova cake is made using the same techniques to make a meringue. However, the addition of cornflour gives it an almost marshmallow-like consistency at its core instead of being hard all over like your typical meringue.

For the decorations, it is simply covered with whipped cream then topped with fresh fruits such as kiwi or strawberries. Its taste is often described as delicate and light with a fresh aftertaste. If you want an authentic pavlova cake, avoid store-bought ones at all cost as they are probably not made with the traditional recipe.



Ciambella is a type of ring-shaped cake traditionally made in Italy. Although you can make it as big as a wedding cake or as small as a donut, the most important thing for a ciambella is to be ring-shaped for it to be called as such. It’s so popular in Italy that in every region you go to, they would most like have their own version of this cake.


At its very basic, ciambella is made using typical cake ingredients such as flour, egg, butter, sugar, milk, and baking soda. Some bakers add lemon zest or honey for flavoring but it’s completely optional.

Ciambella is fluffy and airy and has the same texture like a sponge cake making it a perfect partner for your afternoon tea or your wine-drinking sessions. The decorations are up to you but never call it a ciambella if it has no hole or the Italians will get you.



Also known as Castella, this sponge cake is the specialty of the Nagasaki region in Japan and what sets it apart from other cakes are its signature fluffiness so extreme that it’s usually slapped just to see it jiggle around before given to a customer. This fluffiness can be attributed to the fact that castella do not contain any butter or oil. Instead, they use pure egg foam mixed with sugar, eggs, flour, and a type of starchy syrup.

Today, if you roam around the Nagasaki region, it is common to find different castella varieties such as green matcha tea, chocolate, honey-flavored, and many more. It’s not only a popular dessert, but it’s also a popular gift given to your relatives and friends if you live in Japan.

Molten Chocolate Cake

(United States of America)

Some accidents give you blessings instead of problems and this cake recipe is probably one of them. The molten chocolate cake or lava cake was made when a chef by the name of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, accidentally took his chocolate sponge cake out of the oven ahead of time and was met with pure chocolate goodness come out of it once he broke its outer layer.

Although many French chefs claim that such a recipe already existed in France before its discovery in the USA, it was Vongerichten who made the popularity of this cake reach unprecedented heights. Nowadays, you can find such a recipe all over the high-end restaurants in the country.



Cremeschnitte is a classic cake recipe well-known all over the central and eastern parts of Europe. It literally means a cream slice or even cream pie in some cases, which is why you should just learn how to pronounce its original name to avoid any misunderstandings.

At its essence, cremeschnitte is a type of vanilla-flavored cake filled with custard cream. Historians are having trouble finding its exact origins but the most popular claim is that it descended from another dessert which originated in France called mille-feuille, also known as Napoleon.

Black Forest Cake


If you love cakes, you’ve probably heard about Black Forest Cake one way or another. Its name came from the Black Forest area of Germany where it was believed to have originated in. According to some historians, this cake was modeled after the colors of this region’s traditional attire but it’s still debated who exactly came up with the recipe.

A typical Black Forest Cake is made with a chocolate sponge base which is then coated with whipped cream. The decorations consist of chocolate shavings spread all over the cake as well as cherries which traditionally, had been infused with kirschwasser brandy to add another layer of flavor.



According to historians, Medovik was made by the wife of Alexander I of Russia and since then, it had become one of the most popular Russian desserts that are usually served on special occasions.

It is made by alternately stacking up layers of honey-infused sponges that have the same consistency as biscuits and thin layers of cream. Traditionally, crushed walnuts were used to decorate it but since the Soviet Era, different variations had been made with the recipe and now, it’s common to see a Medovik cake decorated with chocolate or different kinds of fruits.


Does Costco sell red velvet cupcakes?

Yes, Costco does sell red velvet cupcakes topped with wonderful cream cheese frosting. You will not remember your name once you get to try these sweet treats.

How do you put filling in cupcakes?

You put the filling inside a piping bag then inject them into the hole of the cupcakes. It won’t be long before the cupcakes are filled with the filling that you prefer.

Why do my red velvet cupcakes sink?

One main reason is that the oven temperature is a bit higher than what it is supposed to be. Hence, better keep it down under control so that the cupcakes won’t get ruined. Another reason would be that the batter got beaten a bit too much. Thus, know the right amount so that you won’t mess up the final outcome.

What is the difference between red velvet and chocolate cupcakes?

Red velvet is richer than chocolate but both have that cocoa taste. Also, red velvet has a vinegar and buttermilk combination that is not present in chocolate which makes it extra unique.

Can Red Velvet Cake kill a dog?

It is possible that your dog will die if it eats too much red velvet cake so better keep it away from your dog as much as possible. If your dog accidentally eats the cake, you must take it to the nearest vet immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry since all the ingredients that make up the cake are not good for the dog.

Why is red velvet cake expensive?

The ingredients are the main culprit that makes red velvet cakes a little expensive compared to the other cakes on the menu. The ingredient that is the most expensive would be the cream cheese frosting as some bakers try to omit this in order to make the red velvet cupcakes more affordable. Of course, you would not get the same result compared to the one that you are pretty much used to.

What are chocolate-covered cherries called?

They are called cherry cordials and you can choose them to be plain or have them flavored with alcohol which would immediately enhance the flavor.

Are chocolate-covered cherries healthy?

If you are trying to limit your sugar intake, this is not a healthy option. After all, we all know how chocolate contains a lot of sugar and it would be hard to burn those sweets off of your body. It is like a small chocolate-covered snack that would result in a ton of hours on top of a treadmill. It is sad but true and you don’t want to have high blood sugar as that would bring you closer to diabetes and we all know how there is no cure for that.

Do cherry and chocolate go together?

Yes, cherry and chocolate do make for a great combination. In fact, chocolate also goes well with other fruits such as apple and kiwi. You will find out right away that the combination is great when you get to try the chocolate-covered cherries. It won’t be long before you would find yourself craving for it as many times as possible.

Who makes the best chocolate covered cherries?

Dream Cuisine makes the best chocolate covered cherries and you will always get what you pay for whenever you order from them. Add that to the fact that you will get a fast reply from their highly attentive customer service team who would want nothing more than to serve you in the best way possible. They also deliver their products in a fast manner and the quality is always great.

Does Walmart have chocolate-covered cherries?

Walmart does have this product and you can even order it on their website. It is also possible to go to Walmart and buy it from them personally and their highly trained staff would be more than happy to assist you with your purchase.

What is the white stuff in cordial cherries?

It is called invertase which is a little secret among the many candy makers all over the world. It is one of those things that would make it pretty delicious since you know you have the sweet tooth.

Australian Cuisine

What kind of food is Australia known for?

Among the foods, Australia is known for include Chicken Parmigiana, Meat Pies, Fully Loaded Burgers, and Meat Pies. There is a reason why so many local restaurants all over Australia serve these wonderful foods. It is one of those things that you must enjoy when you are visiting the country. Yes, the country is known for some delicious food so you can expect the hotel you are staying in to have some wonderful local food paired up with local beer. Be prepared for a great time as you would want to pair the meat with a lot of rice but don’t do it until later so that you won’t get full a bit too fast.

Does Australia have its own cuisine?

Yes, and it is taken from various cultures all over the globe and turned into Australian food. Like most countries, Australia likes to roast meat and serve it on a silver platter. You won’t see a ton of Australian restaurants all over the world but there are a few all over the country. If you are there as a tourist, you will be curious about what Australian cuisine is all about and you won’t be disappointed one bit due to what you will discover when you get to eat through the three meals in one day while you are there.

What does modern Australian cuisine include?

It focuses on combining animal meat and a lot of locally sourced vegetables. It is also mixed with carbohydrates which makes it extra delicious considering you would want to have another serving. For example, a meat pie consists of not only meat inside it but also vegetables to give you the proper amount of vitamins you would need for your body to function properly in the future.

What is the best eating fish in Australia?

Snapper is one of the most popular dishes that you can enjoy in Australia. In fact, it goes great with lemon and ginger. Blue mackerel is another popular fish in Australia as you will definitely see it on the menu of most seafood restaurants when you go all over the menu. Flat Head is another nice fish to include in your meal as it is healthy and you would want to pair it with cocktails while you are drinking with friends.

What cultures are influencing Australian cuisine today?

The main cultures influencing Australia today include Irish and British. Another way they influenced Australian cuisine is the inclusion of rich puddings for dessert. As they say, a meal is not complete without dessert. Besides, you would want a sweet ending to eliminate all that oil in your mouth from eating all that meat. Another way they have influenced Australian culture is the drinking of beers. There are a lot of local Australian beers too that would attract local guys and girls to indulge in it. You know it is going to be a long night when you decide to drink local beer.